Section 1.  Each owner shall keep all Lots owned by him, and all improvements therein or thereon in good order and repair, including the mowing of lawns, and other appropriate external care of all improvements situated on said Lot, in a manner and with such frequency as is consistent with good property management.  If in the opinion of the "Architectural Committeeā€¯ as hereinafter defined, any owner fails to perform the duties imposed by this Section, the Association, after approval by a majority decision of its Board of Directors or the Grantor, and after (30) days written notice by Certified Mail to the Owner to remedy the condition in question, shall have the right, through its agents and employees, to enter upon the Lot or Parcel of Land in question and to repair, maintain and restore the Lot or Parcel of Land or such improvements and the cost thereof shall be a binding, personal obligation of such Owner as well as a charge and  a lien enforceable in the same manner as a mortgage upon the Lot or Parcel of Land in questions. 

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