Section 1.  No lot or Living Unit shall be used for other than residential purposes.  No dwelling designed and intended for single family use may be rented to students, boarders or others at the same time as it is used by another family, and shall be used for single family purposes.

Section 2.  No profession or home industry shall be conducted in or on any part of a Lot or in any improvement thereon on the Existing Properties.

Section 3.  No clothing or any other household fabrics shall be hung in the open on any Lot unless the same are hung from an umbrella or retractable clothes hanging device which is removed from view when not in use or unless the same are enclosed by a fence or other enclosure at least six inches higher than such hanging articles, provided such fence or other enclosure is approved by the Architectural Committee.  No machinery shall be placed or operated upon any Lot except machinery as is usual in maintenance of a private residence.



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