Section 1.  Animals.  No animal or pet of any kind, with the exception of one dog and one cat per residence, may be kept or harbored on any lot or living unit except by revocable permission of Association.

Section 2.  Parking of Trucks, Trailers, Boats and Mobile Homes.  No owner shall allow the parking of trucks, trailers, boats or mobile homes for a period exceeding 36 hours in front of or on any premises except in an enclosed structure.  No owner shall park a trailer or allow a trailer to be parked over 12 hours in front of or on a lot unless in an enclosed structure.  In no case shall parking a trailer on a lot or road be allowed on a regular basis unless it is in an enclosed structure.  Parking of boats on navigable waters is permissible.

Section 3.  Trash or Garbage.  No owner shall allow trash or garbage to accumulate on any premises except in containers that are emptied periodically.

Section 4.  Trade or Business.  No owner shall carry on or permit to be carried on, on any premises, any trade or business that is evident to the public or to other members of the Association.

Section 5.  Signs.  No signs or other advertising device of any nature shall be placed upon any lot except:

(a) A sign advertising a dwelling for sale not in excess of 9 square feet.

(b)  By an investor of more than one lot, with one sign only at any given time not in excess of 9 square feet.

Section 6.

(a) All roofs of single family detached dwellings shall be constructed of wood shakes or a product equal in texture & appearance as judged by the Architectural Committee.  In Subdivisions 10, 11 an d12, (a) shall read:  Roofs of all dwellings shall be approved as to texture and color by the Architectural Committee, so that in its opinion a harmony of external design and appearance will be maintained.

(b) All single family dwellings shall have an outdoor post light which shall be kept illuminated during the hours of darkness, said post lights shall be located adjacent to the driveway and the dedicated road.

(c) On all private drives or roads leading to multi-family units or villa’s there shall be installed an outdoor post light on said private drive or road where said drive or road meets the dedicated public road.  These lights shall be illuminated during the hours of darkness.

(d) All single family detached dwellings including villa’s must spend a minimum of $100.00 for landscaping, other than ground cover, within one (1) year after occupying the house.

(e) All drives must be made of a hard surfaced material such as asphalt or concrete and must be hard surfaced within one (1) year after initial occupancy.

(f) No garage or structure may be built on a lot unless it is attached to the house.

(g) One construction commences, same must be completed within six (6) months.

Section 7.  Waterways.

(a) There will be no limit on horsepower permitted on the lake.

(b) No motorboats over 20’ in length shall be permitted on the lake.

(c) Owners must adhere to all rules and regulations governing the waterways, established by the Aurora Shores Association.

(d) No sailboats over 23’ in length shall be permitted on the lake.



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