There has been prepared by the Grantor, a General Plan of Development, showing the proposed development of the property described in this Deed and Declaration.  The General Plan of Development shall not bind the Grantor, its successors and assigns, to adhere to the plan in any subsequent development of the land shown thereon, and representations of salesmen, agents, employees of Grantor or of Grantor’s successors in interest shall not in any way bind Grantor, its successors in interest to adhere to the Plan in any subsequent development.  It also shall be understood that the Grantor shall be free to develop such portions or sections of the lands depicted in the General Plan of Development as, in the reasonable exercise of its discretion.

It deems in the best interest of the entire development, without regard to the relative location of such portions or sections within the overall plan; that it shall not be required to follow any sections within the overall plan; that it shall not be required to follow any predetermined sequence or order of improvement and developments and that it may bring within the scheme of this Declaration additional lands, and develop the same before completing the development of the Existing Property.

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